With Christmas rolling in fast, it’s time to order your Turkey & Ham. As always we have a wide variety of options for the most important meal of the year, including all the trimmings, desserts and finger food for the party season. 

Please order by December 20th 

Christmas Fare

Our Fresh Hen Turkeys

Grown here on the Farm

10 to 30lb     €2.50/lb
Turkey & Ham Combo Pack Fresh B&R Turkey Breast & Premium Ham To feed 10 people €30 each
Boned & Rolled Turkey Breast 2.5kg approx €20 each
Large Turkey Butterfly 5kg approx €35 each
Premium Centre Cut Half Ham 2.2kg approx €15 each
Premium Centre Cut Full Ham 4.5kg approx €25 each
Free Range Irish Geese 4kg approx €15.00/kg