Meerkats on the lookout in the Nursery

27 Aug 2023

Who's Watching Who?

We recently saw the arrival of our two Meerkats, we’re waiting to get to know them a little better before picking names. The male and female are quite the curious pair, often its not clear who’s watching who so intense is their gaze and study of visitors to the farm.

Curious Pair New to Kildare Farm Foods Open Farm

Meerkats Taking in Their New Surroundings

Meerkat Enclosure

Their purpose build enclosure can be found in the Nursery, giving them a prize view of the pigs, mara, wallaby and giant turtles. Famous for their digging we provided them with a sand-based enclosure which they quickly excavated to provide underground cover at night and a high mound for a better perspective of the Nursery during the day.

Did You Know?

Now this is interesting – meerkats are immune to some venomous snake, scorpion, and insect bites. This is useful because it means they can eat them, and makes them good at protecting themselves and each other from poisonous bites!


Meerkat Standing

On the Lookout!

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Looking forward to seeing you

The Kildare Farm Foods Team