Porcupines join the family in the hen pen

30 Aug 2023

Have you ever seen a porcupine in person, we hadn’t and were not sure what to expect, and more importantly were they as prickly as we had heard. June saw the arrival of a pair of porcupines who have been housed in the centre of our chicken pen.

We learnt two things about them we didn’t know very quickly.

Firstly, they are fast, we had expected them to be slow movers given their spikey physic, on the contrary, they can run.

Secondly, they are diggers, they have dug under their house an established a den for themselves underground. Turns out that in the wild, many animals who are not such great diggers, rely on the porcupine to excavate burrows for them, the porcupine is one of natures contract builders, fascinating.

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