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Ireland AM wake the nation from Kildare Farm Foods

30 Jun 2023

Ireland AM wake the nation from Kildare Farm Foods

The 30th of June saw an exciting visit from Ireland AM’s Deric Hartigan, who opened that mornings show from the Farm Shop Express train.

TV3 Ireland AM Kildare Farm Foods Open Farm & Shop

Deric welcomes Ireland AM viewers to Kildare Farm Foods Open Farm & Shop

'Wooly & Jumper' Christened

Broadcasting live from the farm, Deric met with Family and Staff, encouraging lots of us to get in front of the camera and welcome the nation to the Kildare Farm foods. Sinead helped Deric bottle feed the lambs who were christened ‘Wolly’ and ‘Jumper’ on the day, a task he proved well able for, turns out Deric is from a farming family in his native Limerick.





Donald & Hilly host the weather report

Donald and Hilly also got in on the action providing an unusual backdrop to the weather report. Deric had never met a camel before and lucky for him, as regular visitors to our farm will know, you couldn’t meet two friendlier Camels.


Welcome Rainfall

Despite the sunny June we had been blessed with the 30th was a rainy one, but we didn’t let the weather dampen our spirits. As it turns out we were somewhat glad of a little rain for our parching oat and potato crops, watch out for blogs on their progress from Farm to Fork.


Thanks to Deric and all the Ireland AM crew for visiting and giving us such a massive audience to introduce Kildare Farm Foods Open Farm & Shop to.

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Looking forward to seeing you

The Kildare Farm Foods Team