Organic Potato Farming – Sowing

07 May 2023

Sure why not give it a go!

Regulars to the farm will know that we have just completed our conversion to organic and are now a fully certified organic farm. What that means is that we can start planting and growing lovely organic crops for sale in the farm shop. We are keen to grow and bring as many products to you in the farm shop as we can. This year will see Potatoes, Apple Juice, Pumpkins, Porridge Oats, all organic and all grown and harvested within a few fields of the shop here on our own farm.

One of this year’s new crops is Potatoes. May of this year saw us out in one of Neverland Fields planting, in a very old-fashioned way, a few acres of spuds.

Many varieties

Being the curious farmers that we are we decided to plant five varieties, sure isn’t it the spice of life! Sourcing all organic seed potatoes from our friends in Fruit Hill Farm we planted, Vitabella, Levante, Carolus, Connect and Alouette varieties.



Growing and Weeding

Plants shot up within a couple of weeks, lovely healthy little potato plants, much to our relief. It hasn’t stopped raining since we planted them so we weren’t expecting much in the line of growth but turns out potatoes like the rain.


Where potatoes grow so too do weeds and so a few days of weeding between the drills were necessary, along the way but so far so good, the crop looks promising.

We're Organic! No Spraying - No Chemicals

Our farm is Organic, we produce without the use of Chemical Fertilisers or Pesticides. This is tricky because we are at the mercy of nature. The hope is that by not spraying chemicals we will restore the natural balance of nature on our land.

We look forward to harvesting our spuds and seeing them on sale in the farm shop for you all to taste and enjoy.

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Looking forward to seeing you

The Kildare Farm Foods Team